DIY Parkinson's Disease Treatment Glove

By Team The Glove: Emmie Casey, Joseph Engelking, Tomi Kuye, and Daniel Plascencia 


Parkinson’s Disease is characterized by tremors, muscular rigidity, and imprecise movements and currently, there is no noninvasive treatments available. 

We made simple, DIY gloves backed by research from Stanford for patients to use and recreate while waiting for the FDA approved glove.

We hope that caregivers can build our design with little to no engineering experience. 

This glove is designed to stimulate the Pacinian Corpuscles within the fingertips to help resynchronize the neurons within the brain. Throughout our process we referenced the research published by Stanford University here.

The glove is designed for everyday treatment use for 2 hour sessions, twice a day. Therefore, we designed our glove to be sleek, comfortable and very easy to put on/take off, especially with our Jigg.


Tactors: A 3D-printed housing that holds vibrations on the fingertips, multiple sizing options available.

Glove Design: A comfortable, clean look that allows fingers to have a full range of motion.

Electronics: A custom Bluetooth PCB with minimal solder joints and Arduino code, making it easy for compiling.

Jigg: Allows users to equip the glove easily utilizing a hook and velcro to keep equipping process stable.


We recommend soldering, 3D printing with PLA, and mild sewing. But, the soldering joints are simple, the 3D printed parts can be ordered, and can alternatively use a stapler or fashion tape for sewing. 


We would like to acknowledge:

Austin Team: John Gammel, Lori Knowlton, Doug Bartlett, Ava Sadavian, Philip Callahan

Rice University Team: Dr. Holmes, Dr. Oden, Joshua Fleck, Marquise D. Bell, Grant Belton

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to build this or something similar, please consult with physicians, technicians and/or clinicians.

All design work on the device was done at the Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen at Rice University

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