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Tool Shapefile Repository & Database Design for In-Space Manufacturing


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2019-2020 Team
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Live Long & Printer
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Tool Shapefile Repository & Database Design for In-Space Manufacturing
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Advancements in in-space manufacturing will enable astronauts on deep-space missions to create/fix parts and solve problems efficiently without needing additional supplies from Earth. Team Live Long & Printer has been tasked to create a user-friendly repository populated with 3D part files optimized to stretch limited resources on long-duration space missions. The team aims to provide deep space explorers the ability to solve critical, time-sensitive problems with an efficient and reliable database of tools and equipment optimized for in-space manufacturing.
Date Updated
Tuesday, May 05, 2020
Dr. Matthew Wettergreen (Rice OEDK)
Michael Fiske (NASA)
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  • Bioengineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
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Dr. Sabia Abidi
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  • BIOE
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Dr. Matthew Wettergreen
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  • OEDK
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Collaborative Capstone Design

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