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Created on: Saturday, December 07, 2019
Progress images of both parts of our project: Designing a database in Microsoft Access for astronauts to find and print necessary files for fabrication, and redesigning 3D shape files for optimization in a microgravity environment
  • 3D-printed tensile coupons used for tensile testing. Testing was completed to determine differences in material properties based on altered 3D print settings)
  • Model for proposed design of a wrench that can fit behind space station modules
  • Current database backend design: Main page
  • New database backend design: Tables
  • New database backend design: Relationships
  • Current database frontend design: Entering new data
  • Current database frontend design: Queries
  • Current database frontend design: Data entries
  • Examples of ISS Wrenches printed in PLA with gyroid & diamond infill patterns
  • Image of Wrench with Modified Gyroid Internal Lattice + Solid Shell Exterior
  • Wrenches 3D-printed with various internal lattice structures

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