Methanol Production from Cow Manure


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2018-2019 Team
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Methanol Production from Cow Manure
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For many reasons, the concept of considering manure as a resource rather than a waste makes a lot of sense. There is no lack of quantity when feedlots can offer abundant supplies of manure for feedstock. Currently, many of the methods disposing of manure as a waste generates massive quantities of greenhouse gases. Converting the manure to fuel products will greatly reduce the emissions of both methane and carbon dioxide. A number of process intensification opportunities have been applied to make the production of methanol and biofuel more competitive, demonstrating an efficient way to convert a waste into a valuable fuel opportunity.
  • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
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Ken Cox
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  • CHBE

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2019 Excellence in Capstone Engineering, 2019 Best Energy-Related Engineering Design Award

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