Low Cost Oxygen Monitoring System


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Low Cost Oxygen Monitoring System
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Oxygen concentrator machines are the most common form of oxygen therapy used in low resource settings. However, they break down extremely often, and clinicians have a hard time determining when these machines stop producing enough oxygen to sustain patient health. This results in unnecessary patient deaths. The current gold-standard oxygen concentration monitoring device is too expensive to be feasible for wide use in these settings, and it does not monitor continuously. We have developed an affordable device to continuously sense the oxygen concentration being output by these machines and to alert clinicians when the machines stop producing the correct amount of oxygen necessary for patient health.
Design Summary
We have developed a device that continuously monitors the oxygen concentration being output by oxygen concentrator machines. The device is 10x cheaper than the current gold standard, and alerts clinicians when oxygen concentrator outputs fall below the clinically relevant percentage (85%). The devices uses an Ultrasonic sensor to sense the data from the oxygen flow, send the information to a microprocessor, and display a quantitative oxygen percentage output using an LED screen. The current casing is 3D printed. The current battery supply is four AA batteries wired in parallel. We are in the process of creating more prototypes to take to Tanzania and Malawi this summer for clinical feedback. We are also in the process of planning updates to the current prototype, including transitioning to a rechargeable battery and moving away from 3D printed casing in favor of electronics prototyping box casing.

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Friday, April 19, 2019
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Meaghan Bond
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- 3rd place award at Rice 360 Global Health Design Competition, 2019
- won Excellence in Independent, Multi-year or Club Engineering Design Award at Engineering Design Showcase, 2019

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