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2018-2019 Team
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New Residential College
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A new residential college requires an innovative heating and cooling system. This system must be able to control various aspects of the indoor climate of the college, mainly temperature and humidity, while making every possible effort to be energy efficient. These efforts can and should include the use of alternative energy sources or innovative materials for use in piping and insulation. This system should be able to adequately fulfill the climate control needs of an indoor residential area and a two-story common area which can each host hundreds of occupants over the course of a day. Team members are Javier Lehtinen, Rebecca Nikonowicz, and Julio Sanchez.
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Sunday, September 09, 2018
John Treichler and Sally Wood
  • Mechanical Engineering
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Matthew Elliott
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  • MECH
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Rice University

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Best Conceptual or Computational Design Project

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