It will probably occur through the design of your device that you require something that OEDK does not have. In this case, you will have to order from a vendor. Here is the proper way to do so. 

Regardless of what department you work in, you will need at least these things:   

  • The stock number, part number, or SKU of the item you're ordering (the vendor's, not the company's) 
  • The quantity of the item you want  
  • The cost per item 
  • The vendor name

Protocols by department or funding source: 

OEDK Funded Teams,  ENGI 120 Teams, ENGI 200 Teams, ENGI 300 Teams

For ordering an item, please use the Order Form provided in the Team Resources section (you must be logged in as a registered team to access this form)

Mechanical Engineering Funded Teams

Contact the Mechanical Engineering Department (100 Mechanical Engineering Building). You need the fund #, PI approval, vendor name and address, and the items to be ordered (serial numbers). This is only for ordering in the Mechanical Engineering department.

Electrical Engineering Funded Teams

Electrical Engineering's orders will go through ECE Lab Technician. When you have found what you want to order, send him:

Name of the Course, List of Parts,  

  • Vendor Name and Number,  
  • Quantity (and check to make sure it's available),  
  • Price per Unit,  
  • Fund and Org,  
  • Shipping Preference
  • Costs. 

CC your faculty advisor so that he can sign off on the purchase. It is recommend that you first tally the items you want in Excel, then copy and pass that info to a .txt 

Some recommended vendors:

For Electronics

Allied Electronics  


Mouser Electronics  


Newark Electronics  

Dimension Engineering 

Texas Instruments 

Digi-key Corporation 

National Instruments 


For Hardware 


Small Parts Inc.  


Southland Hardware (Local)   

MSC Direct  

For Chemicals 


Fisher Scientific  



Remember when you are asking for supplies to request a sample if it is possible, because they will often give you a sample for free. Also, do not forget to determine whether an item is in stock or not, because if it is not, then you may be waiting a long time before you get the item.

If you need to make a purchase from a non-conventional vendor (i.e. a local store, or websites like ebay.com or craigslist.org), you will need to purchase that yourself and get a cash reimbursement. You will not be reimbursed for tax, so use the tax exempt form

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