Torque Sensing for HMI Subsea Service Robot Joints


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Torque Sensing for HMI Subsea Service Robot Joints
Design Challenge
The method of joint control using position and velocity as feedback falls short when conducting more sensitive tasks. A more robust solution would be a torque-sensing force feedback control law that allows the arm to be more compliant and perform a wider range of tasks. Our challenge is to effectively utilize strain gauges in order to implement such a solution while overcoming the obstacles of temperature and pressure fluctuations that occur in the Aquanaut’s operating environment.
Design Summary
The torque-measuring system that we implemented involved applying shear strain gauges to the flexspline of the arm joint's harmonic drive. The harmonic drive is essentially a compact gearbox, and the flexspline is one of three components of the harmonic drive. The flexspline was chosen as the ideal location because it is one of the few parts of joint that is only externally acted upon by the on-axis torque of the joint, which we aimed to measure. It also sees strain from movement internal to the harmonic drive, but the strains are in a cyclical pattern as the joint moves, so they can be predicted and canceled out in a data acquisition system. The linear pattern between shear strain and torque can then be used to acquire torque from the gauge readings.
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Wednesday, May 01, 2019
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Dr. Matt Elliott
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