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2018-2019 Team
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Crossing Streams
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The sponsor of this project, Baker Hughes-GE, requires a prototype system that is capable of mixing two liquids together
with known and repeatable ratios. You can think of the liquids as coke syrup and soda water. The system should accept
input flow from two sources, mixing the liquids to a high level of homogeneity and with a specified and repeatable ratio.
The system should be operable by a person with a high school background. The system should have instrumentation to
perform online measurements to monitor the properties of the incoming and output liquids, such as possibly density,
pH, and/or conductivity. The system should be robust against operator error such that the final mixing ratio can be
confidently specified.
Design Summary
The team built a in-line mixer utilizing diaphragm pumps and static baffle tubes.
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
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Matthew Elliott
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  • MECH
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2019 Rice Engineering Design Showcase - Best Energy-Related Engineering Design

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