Expectations and Rules:

  1. Event is held each Friday during the academic semester from 12-1 pm. 

  2. 45 participants maximum each week.

  3. Registration begins at 11:50 am each Friday in the OEDK computer lab. No one may sign-in after 12:04 pm. Activities begin strictly at 12:05 pm in the OEDK classroom.

  4. Participants can be students, faculty and staff. 

  5. Participant may not have participated in any way to prepare the challenge of the week.

  6. Participants will be divided randomly into teams of 3 people each. Participants may NOT choose their own team.

  7. Participants report to their assigned station in the classroom immediately after registration.

  8. Participants may not be on the same team twice.

  9. Judges decisions are final.

  10. Winners will be announced no later than 12:55 pm.

  11. Winning teams will split a $300 prize.
  12. Winning teams and challenges will be featured on OEDK website.

  13. Winners and other "all stars" will be invited to participate in the end of semester ‘All Star’ Challenge. 

Contact us

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Phone: 713.348.OEDK

Email: oedk@rice.edu

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