Shipping container-based sterile processing system for hospital tools


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Shipping container-based sterile processing system for hospital tools
Design Challenge
Our challenge is to create a low cost, transportable medical instrument sterilization unit for use in low resource areas. The overall concept is to compact existing sterilization systems into a 20-foot shipping crate, with special attention on preserving energy costs, affordability, and minimization of maintenance. Our sterilization process will involve decontamination, steam sterilization, and storage of general surgical tools.
Design Summary
Team BoxyClean is designing a sterile processing system within a 20-foot shipping container for use in the developing world to decrease the risk of hospital-acquired infections. The system will decontaminate, sterilize, and store surgical instruments. Design criteria were determined with decontamination safety, usability, and efficacy as the most important. These criteria will be used to measure the success of the system. After designing the floor plan, Team BoxyClean has constructed and successfully tested the decontamination component of their first prototype. The team is currently preparing to install vents and windows for work environment control.

Last Updated: 5/4/14
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