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Proprioceptive Feedback for an Enhanced Prosthetic Limb


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2013-2014 Team
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Magic Touch
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Proprioceptive Feedback for an Enhanced Prosthetic Limb
Design Challenge
The purpose of a prosthetic limb is to imitate the capabilities of the original limb as accurately as possible. Although recent improvements in prosthetic technology allow the user to control and manipulate a prosthesis at will, a method for receiving proprioceptive (body position) feedback from the prosthetic limb has not yet been designed, forcing the user to rely on visual feedback in order to analyze where his or her limb is in space. Our overall goal is to create a system, compatible with an exoskeleton or prosthetic limb, capable of sensing and relaying proprioceptive information from the limb to the user. This sensory feedback should significantly aid the user in control and use of the prosthetic limb.
Design Summary
Team Magic Touch is a group of engineers at Rice University intent on developing a sensory feedback system for a prosthetic limb that provides the user with proprioceptive cues. Using an existing exoskeleton and electromyography (EMG) device, we seek to provide the user with a prosthetic limb that utilizes these cues to create a natural feel.

To achieve this, we are investigating which systems provide the most accurate and natural-feeling feedback, specifically focusing on the vibrotactile and skin stretch systems recommended by our client. We will build a wearable electromechanical feedback device to convey proprioceptive information.
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Dr. Marcia O'Malley
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  • MECH
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Dr. Amy Blank
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  • MECH
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5th Annual Rice Undergraduate Elevator Pitch Competition: 3rd Place
2014 Brown School of Engineering Design Showcase and Poster Competition: Students' Choice Award

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