Hazardous drug handling: Low-cost challenges in the developing world


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Hazardous drug handling: Low-cost challenges in the developing world
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The team has designed a cost effective closed system transfer device (CSTD) to minimize health care worker (HCW) exposure to hazardous drugs in developing nations where engineering controls and personal protective equipment (PPE) are not as prevalent and current CSTD product offerings are considered expensive. Specifically, the objective has been to safely aspirate a specified dose of drug from a vial and transfer to the IV bag without any contact with drug vapors or liquid leakage. The sterile device should be compatible with standard drug vials (13mm & 20mm neck sizes) and IV bags, maintain sterile compounding best practices, and be simple to use with minimal training. The target manufacturing cost for the complete device should be less than $1 and must be scalable to volumes of 25MM/year.
Design Summary
Our team has been tasked with developing a closed system transfer device (CSTD) for administering chemotherapy drugs in the developing world. In the United States, CSTDs such as BD PhaSeal are used to reduce healthcare worker exposure to hazardous drugs, but these devices are not tailored for low-resource settings because of their high cost. In order to be successful, our design must maintain the high efficacy of BD PhaSeal with reduced cost and complexity. The product will be shipped internationally to developing nations, and therefore must be durable and portable. Team ChemoSeal has completed prototyping phase and transferred the design to BD for further refinement. (Date last updated: 5/4/2014)
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Dr. Richardson
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Dr. Oden
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