Baby Car Seat Accessory to Safeguard Children in Unattended Vehicles


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2013-2014 Team
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Baby Car Seat Accessory to Safeguard Children in Unattended Vehicles
Design Challenge
The goal is to develop a portable, affordable, and easy to install baby car seat accessory that will address child fatalities due to heat stroke in unattended vehicles. The B.O.B. Alert detects the child presence in the car, alerts the caregiver, and maintains the child core body temperature in the hopes of reducing the number of child fatalities.
Design Summary
The B.O.B. Alert is a portable and easy to install pad that detects child presence, alerts caregiver of unattended child, and maintains child’s core temperature. Through a system of redundant sensors, the B.O.B. Alert will notify the caregiver via visual/auditory alarms and text messages if the loaded car seat is unattended. Additionally, a cooling system within the pad will maintain the child's core body temperature within acceptable levels to prevent heat stroke.
(Updated: 5/4/14)
Dr. Susan Baldwin, M.D.
  • Bioengineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
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Dr. Andrew Meade
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  • MECH
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2014 Rice Undergraduate Venture Challenge participant
2014 Rice Undergraduate Elevator Pitch Competition participant
2014 Rice Engineering Design Showcase participant
Fox 26 News interview

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