Have a great idea that you would love to build? 

The OEDK is now offering a limited number of OEDK Maker Grants each school year to undergraduate engineering students! Our mission is to create an interdisciplinary environment where students can tackle engineering design challenges to enhance their education at Rice. With the combination of student creativity, innovation and the resources of the OEDK, we hope to offer a means for students to see their own ideas come to fruition. These projects can be for yourself, your community, your college or your world!

So what are you waiting for? Apply TODAY!

Who can apply?

ANY undergraduate engineering student at Rice may apply for this grant. 

Grant Award

    • Grants will be given in increments of $250 up to $1000, depending on the project needs and budget. 
    • Grant money is to be used to buy supplies ONLY through the OEDK's ordering process.  No award money goes directly to the student or team.
    • Grant recipients will be decided by the OEDK Maker Grant Committee, which will be made up of OEDK staff, faculty and one or more lab assistants. 


    • Grant recipients are given Rice ID access to the OEDK and all of its available resources. Dedicated work table space may be assigned if available.
    • Grant funded projects will be subject to participate or be displayed at the annual Engineering Design Showcase, which takes place in April of each school year. Some recipients may be asked to participate in other OEDK events, but it is not mandatory.
    • All grant recipient individuals or teams will be assigned an OEDK technical mentor to offer guidance and/or assist with the project.
    • Project timelines will be determined between the OEDK Maker Grant Committee and the award recipient.
    • The final project will owned by the student. The OEDK will not keep projects from this grant unless the student or team donates them to the OEDK.

How to apply

Applicants will be required to provide the following information in our Maker Grant Proposal Form:

    • Name for the lead contact person
    • Email for the lead contact person
    • List of other teammates if applicable
    • Team or project name
    • Project title - A few words to identify your project purpose
    • Project summary - In 250 words or less, describe what you are trying to accomplish with your project? What is your idea? How do you propose to solve this challenge?
    • Estimated project budget - Upload an estimated budget for supplies, preferably in a spreadsheet format. This may be updated during the process if necessary.

Applications for this grant are reviewed throughout the school year. There is no deadline to apply.

Please contact the OEDK at oedk@rice.edu if you have any questions.

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